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Blackmore Youth Centre Project

Heatherland Limited is pleased to be supporting the New Blackmore Youth Centre Project due for completion in September 2009. The centre will be for the young people in the area those currently in existing groups and clubs, the 6 -10 year olds who were members of the Friday club, those who are 10+ waiting for a new older club and all those who are younger growing up ready to join the new range of clubs and activities on offer. It is the vision of the project group to open the centre in September 2009, providing a much needed home for the 1st Blackmore Scout Group, Blackmore Friday Club, other existing groups as well as new ventures. Heatherland Limited was pleased to donate a cash sum towards the project cost, and the donation of all Waste Management and Disposal Services throughout the Building and Finishing Works.


Letter from Blackmore Youth Centre Project to Lunnon Waste