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New Industry Regulations for Gypsum Waste (includes Plaster Board)

Originally planned for January 1st 2009, the new Plasterboard regulations come into effect from April 1st 2009.

Since July 2005 the landfilling of gypsum wastes (i.e. plasterboard) with bio-degradable waste types has been prohibited. The Environmental Agency took the view that separate disposal was not necessary where the waste to be tipped only contained small amounts (up to 10%) of gypsum wastes. However following a recently conducted study and report it has now been decided that the 10% rule is to be abolished.

Plaster board ready for recycling in Essex

This it is believed will reduce the potential for the production of hydrogen sulphide gas at the landfill sites. Because of this new legislation landfill sites will not accept gypsum based waste from April 1st 2009.